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Gizzard Defatter


The Cantrell Automatic Gizzard Defatter removes excess fat and contamination from gizzards. After proper processing in the gizzard harvester, gizzards enter the defatter and are thoroughly cleaned and polished by the gentle rotating fingers and high pressure washing action. The stainless steel construction assures easy clean-up and the elimination of rust issues. Also available in a model for turkeys.

Technical Specifications
Position In Line: After Automatic Gizzard Harvester
Capacity: 9000 Gizzards Per Hour
Installed Power: 1 x 1 HP / .75 kw
Water Connection: 3/4 in. / 19 mm
Width: 28 in. / 711 mm
Length: 24 in. / 610 mm
Height: 27 in. / 686 mm