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Gizzard Harvester


The Cantrell CGH-9500 Gizzard Harvester was designed with proficiency and ease in mind by providing quality processors with superior operation, low maintenance and optimum yield. The CGH-9500 Gizzard Harvester removes stomachs while splitting, peeling and cleaning up to 150 gizzards per minute and uses approximately 25 gallons of water per minute. The new see-through design assures sanitation and maintenance ease while safety features include both electronic and mechanical shear pins. A new overload protection innovation has also been added to the transport rollers. With these devices in place and the use of quality Cantrell parts, down time could be a thing of the past.

Technical Specifications
Position In Line: After Heart & Liver Harvester
Construction: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 1100 lbs. Approx. / 500 kg Approx.
Gross Weight: 1450 lbs. Approx. / 660 kg Approx.
Width: 38 1/2 in. / 978.03 mm
Length: 82 5/16 in. / 2091.05 mm
Height: 62 1/8 in. / 1577.59 mm