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Gizzard Inspection Stations

CGI-100, CGI-200, CGI-300

Cantrell Gizzard Inspection Stations are some of the finest in the industry, capable of handling 140-182 gizzards per minute. Each roller group is operated by a designated panel box which controls the start, stop and manual reverse of the rollers. The rear set of automatic rollers receives the gizzards from the harvesting and defatting line and removes any remaining peel. Gizzards are then pulled forward for inspection and any gizzard requiring further cleaning is then guided over the manual rollers. The smooth, flush surface allows gizzards to be moved and inspected easily. Inspection stations are available in 1, 2 or 3-station models and require water and electricity for operation. Each is constructed of quality stainless steel assuring easy clean-up and minimal maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Position In Line: After Gizzard Harvester and Defatter
Capacity: 140-182 Gizzards Per Minute
Power: 1 HP / .75 kw Per Roller Set
Water: 3/8 in. connection
Width: 28 in. to 48 in. / 711 mm to 1219 mm
Depth: 30 in. to 71 in. / 762 mm to 1803 mm
Height: 38 in. to 54 in. / 965 mm to 1372 mm