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Helical Line Divider

GLD 300-B

The Helical Line Divider offers the optimum in design efficiency to provide the processing plant a line divider that will divide shackles, loaded or empty at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

The Helical Line Divider will operate on a two piece or rigid shackle and eliminates hang-ups. It provides a rigid work area on the line for the operator or inspector, as the divider keeps the shackle firm on the divider bar for proper positioning for working bird and inspection. Plastic pigtail dividers can be supplied in either white or black.

The Helical Line Divider is exclusive in the industry, reduces spare shackle inventory, allows for only one type shackle to be used in plant; and the versatility of the Line Divider makes it applicable for other bird presentation to other personnel on eviscerating line.

Technical Specifications
Power: Driven by overhead
Capacity: 6,000 BPH
Position in Line: After Automatic Eviscerators
Height: 25 in. / 635 mm
Width: 32 in. / 812 mm
Length: 46 in. / 1168 mm
Net Weight: 135 lbs. / 61 kg
Gross Weight: 215 lbs. / 97 kg