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Inspection Stand


The Cantrell U.S.D.A. approved Adjustable Inspection Stand is constructed entirely of heavy-duty stainless steel with a fiber grate platform. Up/down adjustment is made simple with the use of a machine screw actuator and a spring-activated switch. The Inspection Stand is available with operator seat, backrest and footrest and is available in air, electric or hydraulic.

Technical Specifications
Model: Standard Maestro
Position in Line: After automatic eviscerators
Installed Power: Air supplied, electric or hydraulic
Width: 45.5 in. / 1156 mm 61.5 in. / 1562 mm
Length: 54 in. / 1372 mm 60 in. / 1524 mm
Height: 47.5 in. / 1207 mm 59.5 in. / 1511 mm