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Neck and Shoulder Skinner


The Cantrell NS-2004 Neck and Shoulder Skinner, located in-line after the cropper, uses the peeler roller system to remove skin from the neck and shoulder area of eviscerated birds. A newly designed frame for better roller support combined with a 2-hp drive creates a better skinning application.

To further the advancement of the previous "neck only" skinner in the cleaning area, Cantrell has redesigned the water rail to create a broader, more evenly spaced, water spraying application. A new design at the exit end of the NS-2004 allows for better skin removal from the support blocks of the rollers.

The NS-2004 is available in both right-hand and left-hand stainless steel units and for different styles of overhead conveyor systems. Cantrell has advanced the pivoted-mounting bracket for better support and easier adjustment. Capable of moving vertically, horizontally, and radially allows for a more precise adjustment to the presentation of the bird.

The new skinner is designed to maximize safety and hygiene. The shields on the skinner are designed to allow access without the need for removal from the machine. This eliminates the need to remove, store, and reinstall shields during the clean-up process. The NS-2004 also includes a control panel to monitor a safety sensor on each access door to disable the power when the doors are out of the operating position.

Technical Specifications
Capacity: 140+ BPM
Installed Power: 2 HP / 1.5 kw
Width: 121 7/8 in. / 3096 mm
Depth: 43 1/4 in. / 1099 mm
Height: 105 3/4 in. / 2686 mm