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Foot Unloader


The Cantrell Automatic Foot Unloader is a consistent and reliable means of unloading feet from the shackles on the picking line. As shackles pass through the Foot Unloader, feet are lifted up out of the shackles by way of two rotating reels containing 64 rubber picking fingers each. Maintenance is kept to a minimum due to a smooth stainless steel design and minimal moving parts.

Technical Specifications
Position In Line: End of picking line
Installed Power: 2 x 1 HP / .75 kw
Fingers Per Reel 64
Net Weight: 670 lbs. / 304 kg
Gross Weight: 860 lbs. / 390 kg
Width: 36 in. / 914 mm
Length: 36 in. / 914 mm
Height: 57 in. / 1,448 mm