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Modular Picker


The Cantrell Modular Picker is suitable for various breeds and sizes of poultry. Its specially designed disc and picking fingers enable gentle removal of even the most hard-to-get feathers with ease. A new and unique water rail and guide bar system assures efficient processing of the birds. The Modular Picker's cabinets can turn 180 degrees to a locked position for finger repair, and the overall design keeps temperatures low inside the cabinet. Picker banks roll out for cleaning and roll back exactly to the previous position. Encapsulated motors are mounted outside the Modular Picker cabinet for easy access.

Technical Specifications
Position In Line: After Scalder
Connection: 2 each 3/4 in. Pipe (NPT) Water Connections
Power: 4 each 3 HP motors
Width: 81 5/8 in.
Length: 123 1/4 in.
Height: 89 3/32 in.; plus 6 in. for adjustable legs