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Cone Deboning System


The Cantrell Model HBC-110KC Cone Deboning System is an improved version of an established system widely used throughout the industry. Advantages of the HBC-110KC include extended chain life, no moving stainless on polymer and easier chain cleaning.

Whole birds or front halves are held by specially engineered cones uniformly spaced and timed according to production requirements. The product is placed on cones by personnel then precisely cut by operators until the optimum yield of meat is attained. Cone deboning is the most efficient method of obtaining more boneless meat for less cost. This production method ensures one person being proficient at one motion resulting in consistent product volume, uniformity and reduced inspection.

The system's unique cone design allows for half or whole bird deboning of broilers, roasters and turkeys. It can be custom designed for any operation and supplied with other conveyors to create a complete system.

Technical Specifications
"A" Length: 60 to 72 thighs per minute
"B" Length: 1/4 in.
"C" Cone Centers: 2 HP
Width: 10 in. / 254 mm
Installed Power: (varies) 3/4 HP to 2 HP
Water Connection:: 3/8 in. / 3.175 mm connection