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Cantrell's New Gizzard Harvester provides best possible yield

Uses only 25-35 gallons of water per minute

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Jan. 28, 2009) - Cantrell, a poultry processing equipment sales and service company based in Gainesville, Ga., has designed the new Cantrell CGH-9000 Gizzard Harvester to produce optimum yield while reducing water usage.

The CGH-9000 removes stomachs while splitting, peeling and cleaning up to 150 gizzards per minute. The gizzard recovery rate is more than 85 percent.

It is important to save water in all areas of processing. The Gizzard Harvester does its part, using only 25-35 gallons of water a minute.

The new design and stainless steel construction make for trouble-free sanitation and maintenance.

Cantrell leads the way in creating and supplying innovative solutions in the poultry industry to customers worldwide. With experienced and dedicated staff, the ultimate goal of Cantrell is to provide the best products, parts and service available to poultry processors around the globe. For more information, please contact Cantrell at 800-922-1232, 770-536-3611 or visit the website at