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Cantrell's Modular Picker Improves Picking Performance

Overall design leads to efficient processing

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (March 15, 2013) – Cantrell’s new Modular Picker was developed to access problem picking areas.

Cantrell’s CMP-36 Modular Picker was designed to enable the removal of even the most hard-to-get feathers with ease.   The modular concept enables the user to focus on problem areas and utilize each picker more efficiently. 

The Cantrell Modular Picker cabinets are designed for easy maintenance. Each can turn 180 degrees to a locked position for finger replacement, and the overall design keeps temperatures low inside the cabinet.

Another new feature that greatly enhances hygiene is that the picker banks roll out for cleaning and roll back exactly to the previous position. In addition, the encapsulated motors are mounted outside the cabinet for easy access.

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