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Cantrell Continues Investment in Production Equipment with Purchase of Accurshear

GAINESVILLE, Ga. (Dec. 23, 2014) – Cantrell, a poultry and food processing equipment, parts and service company, has purchased an Accurshear machine to speed up production.

Cantrell uses the machine to shear metal used in the manufacture of processing equipment and spare parts. The company has seen a significant increase in production since adding the machine. 

“We are continuing to invest in new equipment to streamline and improve our manufacturing process to meet customer demands for our processing equipment and spare parts,” said Tony Rice, Cantrell General Manager Finance/Operation. “The Accurshear allows our production staff to make precise cuts faster.”

The programmable shearing machine provides accurate cuts from various thicknesses of metal and a low fixed rake reduces the amount of distortion during cutting.


The purchase of the Accurshear continues Cantrell’s investment into production equipment. In the last two years, the company also added a Haas Turning Center and a Haas Machining Center.

Cantrell leads the way in creating and supplying innovative solutions in the poultry industry to customers worldwide.  With experienced and dedicated staff, the ultimate goal of Cantrell is to provide the best products, parts, and service available to poultry processors around the globe.  For more information, please contact Cantrell at 800-922-1232, 770-536-3611, or visit the website at